Silicon Valley Chapter Meeting - Darknet Investigations - The Underbellly of the Web

  • 08 May 2018
  • 11:00 AM - 1:30 PM (PDT)
  • Google Building MP2 1175 Borregas Avenue Sunnyvale, CA 94089

Dr. Sarah Lewis Cortes is our dynamic May speaker on "Darknet Investigations - The Underbellly of the Web". She will be reviewing eight recent darknet operations as case studies, and practical techniques for deanonymization. These darknet cases and issues reflect that as technology advances, so do criminal methods. The darknet is a little understood corner of the internet where users can remain anonymous, even to law enforcement. It has many legitimate uses, but has become a criminal haven as well, primarily because technical complexity makes it harder to identify users than on the “surface web.” Like a technological cat and mouse game, law enforcement has had to develop compensating online darknet tools and tactics. We explore the unique legal and technical issues spawned by this investigative cat and mouse game.

Dr. Sarah Lewis Cortes is Head of Infosec and Privacy Services at Inman TechnologyIT. She earned her undergraduate degree at Harvard University, and holds an M.S. from Boston University, in Computer Science, Information Security, and a PhD in Computer Science, Information Assurance at Northeastern University’s College of Computing and Information Science specializing in Privacy and Privacy Law as well as IT Security. She studied Forensic Sciences at Boston University Medical School. Her research focuses on the darknet, network security, criminal legal treaties (MLATs), and digital forensics. She conducts training and research with the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office Department Digital Forensics and Multimedia Evidence, the FBI and other LEAs. Prior to undertaking her Ph.D, Sarah was a Senior Vice President for Security, IT Audit and Disaster Recovery at Putnam Investments, Before that, she was a Sr. VP for Data Center and Security Operations with BNY Mellon Bank. Sarah has published and lectured extensively on the darknet, computer security and privacy, including World Treaty Cartel Internet Overlay for Digital Traffic Analytics, featured in the 2017 IEEE International Symposium on Technologies for Homeland Security (HST17).

Quivx will be our generous lunch sponsor for the meeting.

Beyond having Sarah as our incredible speaker on this innovative topic, a few significant announcements:

Congrats to our amazing new board who will be joining our Chapter Director Julie Lewis on the Board:

Robin Goldberg, Assistant Director

Sylvie Stulic, Secretary

Julia Romero Peter, Membership Director

Patricia (Paddy) Foley, Meetings Director

Our current Committee Chairs are:

Kimberly Quan – Spearheading Collaboration with Strategic Organizations

Jennifer Roberts - Spearheading WiE Wine Tour on 9/15

We are still seeking a Committee Chair for our “Girls in Tech” initiative

Elizabeth Cohee won our raffle from our last meeting

We will be having our incredible WiE Napa wine tour on Saturday, 9/15 - *SAVE THE DATE*

Please RSVP for our Tuesday, 5/8 meeting by Friday, 5/4.*IF YOU HAVE ALREADY REPLIED BY EVITE, YOU DO NOT NEED TO RSVP AGAIN*.

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